Steeze UI


Accessible Components for Svelte

This project is a small set of customizable UI components for the Svelte framework. Svelte is a upcoming framework and comparable to react, vue or lit for building modern UI’s but in a more elegant and performant way.

See for yourself and try their awesome interactive tutorial


Recently in Uni I had a course about Accessibility in the web where we had the opportunity to speak with blind people. We found out that many sites in the web suffer from inaccessible content, where fundamental components are mostly the root cause for this. For critical Services like Health-Ensurances or Online Shops, inaccessible sites could mean a loss of customers.

For this reason I wanted to learn more about the UI patterns by WAI-ARIA and integrate it into my personal projects, so I created this library in hope some might find this useful

Some API and Design decisions are inspired by Radix UI, Tailwind CSS and Vaadin. Big shoutout to these awesome projects!


This Project is licensed under MIT and you can do whatever you want with it. If you find bugs or want to add certain features/components, feel free to open an issue or PR on GitHub

MIT Licensed